ACDI/VOCA, a private non-profit organization based out of Washington, D.C., has been working in the former Soviet Republics for several years, primarily in the agribusiness sector. They have been developing an entrepreneurial business development program throughout most of the former Soviet republics. Please visit their website for more details and current opportunities.

My work with ACDI/VOCA has taken me to Novosibirsk and Tomsk, two of the largest cities located in the heart of Siberia; Tbilisi, Akhalkalaki and Akhaltikhe in the Republic of Georgia; Ganja, Azerbaijan; and Almaty and Taldykgorgan in Kazakhstan. I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with bright young entrepreneurs in these countries who are trying to develop and create the necessary infrastructures for business success. Ranging from work in the cement industry, cosmetics and household products, textiles, wheat, wool and poultry, I assisted many of these entrepreneurs in designing short and long term strategies to achieve their goals.

In addition to consulting, I have conducted workshops and seminars, both formal and informal, in basic business training, more in-depth market research strategies, customer service and sales techniques and product development. Working with both clients and their employees, I have helped develop marketing, sales and customer service skills to improve their competitive edge in their local markets. Please visit the links at the right to get more details on some of these projects.


Economic Development Throughout the World: Working with Local Entrepreneurs to Improve Local Economies.
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