Century Location Month Food Route Scenery Support Overall comments
Marin Marin July/August Good challenging beautiful excellent This was my first metric century back in 1999 on a mountain bike. The hills were tough, but I fell in love with the idea - route sheet, rest stops every 20 miles or so, lunch at the end, gorgeous fit men! I was hooked.
Grizzly Peak Century East Bay May excellent challenging it's the hood excellent Well, I'm biased, I'm in the club - but before I joined, my first ride was completely in the rain (first time in the rain). Alex Z. was my new buddy and he zipped down hills in the rain faster than I would ever go. Some kind volunteer gave me latex gloves, which was the saving grace for my fingers! Great cookies, great chicken and great tabouli - thanks!
Oakland Yellow Jackets - annual Pacifica to Monterey Highway 1 September excellent leisurely but long outstanding! excellent The coast is fantastic, and if you can't do the AIDS ride, you can get a taste of it here. These guys are great! Fun, helpful, easy-going and the PARTY at the end is one not to be missed. You stay at Asilomar overnight and last year, we had a blast singing karaoke and drinking till we closed the place down! Thanks!
Buddha Bicycle Pilgrimage Marin to Ukiah September excellent long 2 day - one tough hill outstanding! excellent Wow! What a fantastic weekend this was last year! I'm so glad I hooked up with them at the last minute. I sagged part of the ride and rode part of the ride with a fellow Yellow Jacket. Superb support, kind and wonderful people! Best food of any ride I've done. I still can't believe it's all done through volunteerism and donations. Go figure, the spirit of Buddha is alive and well!

Strawberry Fields Forever

Santa Cruz May excellent challenging beautiful excellent Great time of year to be in Santa Cruz. The scenery is beautiful, rolling hills, a few climbs. The rest stops are well stocked, with music, entertainment (including Russian pirashki and Italian espresso!)
Peddle the Puddle Lakeport October good easy okay good Well, another Rotary club that needs to figure out how to do food better. Still, it was a pleasant day and the lake was nice. It's a pretty easy ride.
Holstein Hundred Tomales in Marin August excellent extremely challenging stunning excellent Wow! Can these seniors rock! They make amazing food (gourmet, really) and have smiles waiting at every stop. It makes the grueling heat and climbs bearable.
Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge Santa Cruz July/August excellent extremely challengin amazing excellent Okay, this is one helluva ride - way too much climbing for me. However, the year I did (1999(, they had an abundance of cliff bars.
Foxy's Fall Davis September Bad Boring what scenery? hmm Well, this was the dud of all centuries (up there with the High Sierra century - not to be confused with the Sierra century). Flat, boring, head winds that flattened the hair in your nostrils and frontage roads that made you wish you were in a car going in the other direction. They ran out of food at most rest stops and the pasta at the end was, well, sauce in a jar. Thanks, but no thanks.
Death Valley by Moonlight Death Valley n/a - too bad Great! easy unique excellent Too bad they don't hold the moonlight century any more. It was really fabulous! Lee Mitchell was awesome.
Ride Around the Bear San Bernadino June Don't remember now. challenging pretty nice excellent I had a blow out on the hill and someone sagged me into town for a new tire. The support was good, but that's all I remember about that ride.
Tour of Napa Valley Napa August Excellent some climbs beautiful excellent Nice folks up in Napa - big crowd for this ride. They have a good bbq at the end. I think it's Slug Gulch on this ride?
Sierra Plymouth June Excellent challenging stunning excellent One of my favorite centuries. Great rest stops (favorite is Fiddletown when the cyclists take over the main drag).The Gold Country is so pretty with quaint historic homes and buildings. I was lucky #777 one year.
Peninsula Tour de Jour Peninsula July Excellent modest pretty good Well, don't know if they still do this, but I enjoyed the day. They gave out certifcates of completion the year I did it!
One Summit Century Mt. Shasta July excellent challenging beautiful excellent Ouch! Can you say bike fit? I only recall the kind first aid man at the rest stop who gave me ibuprofen and a bag of ice. I road another 20 miles with the ice pack on my lower back. Whoever decided to put the climb to the summit of Mt. Shasta in the last 10 miles is a real psycho!
Unknown Coast Weekend Ferndale Sept/Oct n/a extremely challenging stunning n/a There are 2 rides that take place up in Ferndale - the same route, but one is done in a day, the other takes 2 days, with overnight camping. The weekend ride sags your tent and sleeping bag and has a nice dinner and breakfast at the range.
Tour of the Unknown Coast Ferndale   good extremely challenging stunning improved Pretty good support, except they ran out of food for the slowpokes at lunch, 7 miles from the nearest store! Rice crackers didn't cut it. However, they made up for it by finding us enroute and giving us bread and oreos. Still, 10,000 ft of climbing in one day was enough - and now I know why they call the last 35 miles the endless hills (made the wall look easy).
Grizzly North Fork October? good challenging pretty good Not my favorite, but a good century.
Riverbank Wine & Cheese Riverbank October excellent easy pretty excellent Other than the GPC, this one has the best homemade cookies! They have massage at the end and very friendly people. I loved the orchards and it was a great time of year to be there. One of my favorites.
Wine Country Century Napa April excellent easy beautiful excellent Tons of people, tons of food, tons of fun! Great early season century!
Tierra Bella San Jose area April excellent moderate pretty excellent Again, tons of people, tons of food and a great early season century! I rode this will Alex Zuckermann and he had a flat near a ranch with a horse. The horse was a definite STUD and tried to nip Alex's seat. We nicknamed him Tucker, the studnipper.
The Grand Tour Malibu June excellent extremely challenging stunning excellent My first real century, which turned out to be 123 miles! I discovered "better bottom", which they unfortunately don't make anymore, and vouched to use it if ever I cycled over 65 miles again! This century had 25 people on it and I think I was the last to start - it's tied in with 200,300 and 400mile routes for real nutcases.
Tour de SPCA - Pedal for Paws San Ramon June good easy pretty good Easy ride, fun start with lots of puppies and kittens to cuddle. Nice idea - they had good music at the beginning and end as well.
High Sierra Mono Lake October good challenging pretty good I think it was this ride that had a ton of headwinds and wasn't so interesting. It felt pretty monotonous. Wouldn't do it again, in any case.
Fall River Mills Fall River Mills July/August excellent moderate stunning excellent Wow! As I cycled down the road in the forest, a huge black bear came barreling out of the forest and across the road! It was an amazing sight. Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen were like companions all day long, showing up on the horizon between the trees.
Mojave by Moonlight Mojave June excellent easy unique excellent Riding in the dark under a full moon, I didn't even know I had a flat tire. I thought I was just unu