Whether you have been in business in Russia for a while or are interested in entering the market, LKM Creative Solutions can help you do due diligence. With contacts and expertise in importing, warehousing, distribution, sales and marketing of consumer products, LKM Creative Solutions can help you define your market, develop your network, negotiate your contracts, and train your on-the-ground employees or customers.

If you have employees who are relocating to Russia or have employees coming over to the US from Russia, LKM Creative Solutions can help create a smooth transition period.

If you have offices in any of the former Soviet Republics, LKM Creative Solutions can offer workshops and seminars in business training, sales, customer service, market research, product development, team building and writing.

Let LKM Creative Solutions guide you and your business to increased success in these transition markets.

For some examples of previous work, please see the work I have done with ACDI/VOCA.

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Workshops Available

Business Training Workshops

Customer Service

Market Research

Business Planning

Team Building

Proposal Writing

Intercultural Transition Workshops

Life in Russia and How to Get the Laundry Done

For American expatriates moving to Russia or working in Russia on short-term assignments.

Understanding America and Americans

For Russians moving to the United States who need to learn and develop English skills and learn to understand and adjust to the cultural nuances of living in the United States.