I have always been interested in photography and documentary story writing. It wasn't until the year 2000 that I seriously began an undertaking of documenting my trips abroad. From over 2000 slides, I have begun compiling a variety of presentations and have included here photo galleries and stories. These pages focus on Moscow and Siberia in Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

My interest in these regions goes beyond the business connection and in addition to the photographs, I have written several stories about the people of these countries. I am currently in the process of developing this website to include my own stories and photographs. Some pages are still under construction, but feel free to browse and please come back from time to time for updates.

If you or your organization would be interested in having an entertaining and informative presentation, please contact me. My presentations range from country, culture and daily life to the potential business aspects of these areas.

It has been through my work with ACDI/VOCA that I was able to visit these far off exotic lands. ACDI/VOCA has been working in the former Soviet Republics for several years primarily in the agribusiness sector. However, they have been developing an entrepreneurial business development program throughout most of the former republics. Please visit their website for more details and current opportunities.

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