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My infatuation with Russia began in 1985 as I came of age during the Reagan and Gorbachev era. I had already experienced international living with my middle school years, bouncing between New Jersey, Lahore, Pakistan and Oahu. We went to live for 1 year in Lahore and ended up being evacuated in 1979 (another story another day...)

So, I decided that French and Spanish were too easy and I wanted a challenging language in college. It was a choice between Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Well, for no other reason but glasnost and perestroika, I chose Russian.

Grueling hours spent memorizing vocabulary and struggling with complex grammar paid off and I went to Moscow in 1988 as a student with ACTR. White nights, Bulgakov, St. Basil's, vodka and secret encounters with brave Russians let me into a love affair that has lasted to this day.

From student to sales rep for Tyson chicken, I returned to Moscow in 1993 and discovered that, with a little help, Russian's could develop their capitalist side. In some ways, the innocence and naivete of my youth vanished along with the former Soviet Union, as my own growth paralleled Russia's entrance into a new economy and open society.

I spent five years living and working in Moscow in the 1990's, first as a sales representative for a frozen food distributor based out of Arkansas, then as a country manager for a Russia entrepreneur based in New Jersey and finally as a marketing director for Remy-Cointreau, an internationally renowned spirits and wine distributor. Life was never dull.

In the 90's, I lived more than I photographed, so the bulk of my images come from 2000, when I returned to Russia as a consultant and looked at Moscow with a photographer's eye. My collection is extensive, and this is just a small sampling of images that are now on display at Javarama. I also had the opportunity to revisit Novosibirsk and to visit Tomsk in 2000. Siberia fascinated me and I have written several short stories about my encounters there. You can read some of these stories at your leisure as well.

So, please, click on an image for an enlarged picture and a brief caption. Enjoy!