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Long before Starbucks and Peets, Javarama has been offering Alamedans the best cup o'joe in town. A popular favorite among locals, the place has an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. With ample room for many guests, a table with a built in chessboard and a sofa in the bay window, patrons can relax and enjoy great coffee, muffins and the morning paper. With gallery-style walls, it's a favorite place among local artists to exhibit their works. Monthly rotations bring in a variety of eclectic works from massive oil paintings to smaller works of art.

This month, a new and exciting show called "Off the Beaten Track" will take patrons on a photographic exploration of daily life in places such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the Republic of Georgia and Siberia. Photographer and consultant, Laura Mack has created a story in pictures on the walls that weave tales about the lives of local seamstresses in Taldykorgan, ritual "banya" or sauna-goers in Siberia, and farmers in Azerbaijan.

The purpose of her work is to capture a moment of everyday life in a place that many people may not even have heard about, and to help connect the viewer to the subject, weaving a universal story that shows our common humanity through humor and compassion. Fluent in Russian, adaptable and gregarious, Laura strikes up conversations quickly and easily and draws out the inner soul of the people she photographs.

On November 5th the show opened with a bang. Over 150 people visited Javarama for the reception. Guests enjoyed live cello music by Elaine Kreston, appetizers that included Laura's favorite home-made feta-walnut dip and Javarama's specialty cakes, story-telling and raffle prizes such as a framed photograph from the show, a CD of cello works by Elaine Kreston, colorful California homemade desktop calendars and a bottle of Georgian wine.

While the opening may be over, the exhibit will run through November 30th. Visitors throughout the month can enter the final raffle drawing on November 30th for a chance to win a few special photos! Don't miss your opportunity to savor a great cup of coffee at Alameda's famous family-owned coffee shop AND take a photographic journey you will never forget on a quaint small island in the East Bay.

So, come and enjoy your journey as you venture off the beaten track, traveling thousands of miles away into the metropolis of Moscow, the hinterlands of Siberia, the plains of Azerbaijan, the deserts of Kazakhstan and the vineyards of Georgia.

As for Laura, she'd love to join you for coffee and answer any questions you may have! For more information, please call (510)910-6406 or e-mail laura@lkmcreativesolutions.com or visit http://www.lkmcreativesolutions.com