"Although our company had been in business for a few years before Laura arrived, she was the first American to handle grocery stores in Moscow which had no foreign ownership. Laura developed the Russian retail market for products they had never heard about. Laura is bright, energetic, creative, dependable and trustworthy. She did a great job, too."

Graham Catlett
President and Owner
Quality Products International
Little Rock, Arkansas and Moscow, Russia

"I was so grateful to have Laura work with me for 2 weeks. I learned a tremendous amount about market research and she helped guide our company in a more profitable and efficient direction."

Praskovaya Kan
EveryDay Salon and Workshop
Taldykorgan, Kazahkstan

"The main result for the company is in studying how the consultant worked. Working with Laura on market studies, strategy elaboration and marketing department structure and tasks development, Soverelle managers learned professional approach to marketing problems solving."

Andrey Nakonechny
Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia


"Laura ran my company in Moscow for the distribution and sales of Hershey Chocolate. She worked well under pressure. I trusted her with our business. She's competent and hard-working."

Herman Yermilov
New Hope, Pennsylvania and Moscow, Russia

"Our company was lacking in marketing knowledge and we were having difficulty finding clients and understanding how to research international markets. Laura gave us a workshop on marketing and helped us figure out the best approach to structuring our marketing needs. She shared a lot of her creative concepts in particular for our products and guided us in our future product development. We enjoyed working with her as a person as well."

Givi Gachichiladze

"Laura has worked with us in Georgia a few times and is extremely reliable, flexible and capable. Her knowledge of Russian and her ability to understand the uniqueness of our country has helped make her assignments effective and valuable to our clients."

Mary Davlasheridze
FtF Program Coordinator
Tbilisi, Georgia